Minister L.Khaltar Khentii aimag

Minister of Road and Transport Development L. Khaltar visited and worked on the construction and execution of road projects in Khentii province's Berkh, Umnudelger, Batnorov, Norovlin, and Dadal sums.


The construction of a 52.5 km paved road from the Ulaanbaatar-Chingis city road to South Elgar sum has started. So far, more than 30 km of land has been cleared. Contractor Tegsh Plant LLC presented that they are working according to the schedule and plan.

The performance of Naranbulag-Khan LLC is good

Naranbulag-Khan Co., Ltd. is working on the 50-kilometer extension of the Chinggis-Dadal sum paved road to Chinggis-Berkh city. According to the contract, it is scheduled to be completed on October 30 of this year, but the representative of the contractor informed the Minister of Road and Transport Development that they are working to hand it over for use by next July.

Also, the construction of 130 km of hard-paved highway in the direction of Undurkhaan-Norovlin is being implemented in 2 batches this year with the investment of the state budget. The work started in April of this year, and over 20 km of soil stripping and 15 km of embankment were completed. Within this year, it is planned to carry out the asphalt concrete paving of the first 30 kilometers of the road.

Minister of Road and Transport Development L. Khaltar expressed his gratitude to the team of Naranbulag-khan LLC, the national developer, which is working with good organization and quality in a short time, with good supply of manpower, machinery and equipment, and wished success in the work. Also, Minister L. Haltar Berkh met with the mayor of the city, Ch. Enkhjavhlan, to make arrangements to prevent the use of heavy vehicles on the new road, and to pay attention to the use and age of the road, and expressed the readiness of the ministry to provide necessary support.   

Naranbulag-Khan Co., Ltd. is a company with the experience of carrying out 20 km of Chinggis-Berkh in a period of 2 years.

The local government asked for assistance in road works

After that, we worked at the construction site of the continuation of the paved road in the direction of Undurkhaan-Norovlin, and the 130-km section of the 2nd section, or 62 km of the road. The contractor of the road is "Motor Service" LLC. From May, relocation and preparations were completed and road construction started.

We also got acquainted with the construction of the 68.3 km Norovlin-Bayan Uul road, which is being implemented this year with state budget investment. "Mongol Zam" LLC is working as the executing organization. The company has been preparing for the end of May, starting the construction of the main road, soil removal and embankment work.

The Minister of Road and Transport Development L. Haltar met with the Deputy Governor of Norovlin Sum, B. Odhu, and asked the Sum community to help the road companies in their careers and to solve the problem quickly. He also said that it is necessary to focus on connecting local people and increasing the workforce of Motor Service LLC and Mongolian Road LLC, which are carrying out road construction work in the area of Sum.

The construction of a 3.5-kilometer concrete paved road in the center of Dadal Sum of Khentii province has started. The relocation of engineers, technicians and machinery of Ider Shiregu LLC, the contractor of the road, has been completed, and 35 percent of the earthworks of the road construction is underway.

Khentii province has 726.1 km of national road network

Khentii province is the main tourism region in the eastern region of Mongolia. There are 726.1 km of state-quality roads and road facilities in five directions in the territory of the province, which aims to develop historical tourism. Of this, 372.1 km of paved roads, 189.0 km of gravel roads, and 165.0 km of natural soil roads are used.

As of today, four sub-districts of Khentii province /Jargaltkhaan, Kherlen, Murun, Tsenhermandal/ are connected by paved national roads. Batnorov, Bayan-Ovoo, and Norovlin sums will soon be connected by an unpaved road as part of the road construction that will begin this year. 

726.1 km of national roads and road facilities in 5 directions in the territory of Khentii province are under the responsibility of "Khargui" SPC, which is performing repair and maintenance work to ensure permanent readiness. This year's renovations are on schedule.