Laboratory - Product quality control

"MNST" LLC is conducting the following analysis using high precision equipment and device from Korean Hyundai and Han Shin firms according to the national and international standard methods and methodologies. 

In 2015, the Quality Management System was introduced by the accreditation of "ISO/EC 17025: 2008" standard into our operations. it became to "MNST LABORATORY" LLC a subsidiary of "Tegsht Plant" LLC and have carrying out its operation. 

Today in the city of Ulaanbaatar, tall buildings and widespread skyscrapers are being built like the world's leading cities. Furthermore, more roads and construction work will be carried out. it is important that laboratory testing analysis for raw materials are carried out in accordance with international standards, to produce quality roads and construction materials that meet this growing need. Materials testing and analyzing laboratories began experimenting with physical and mechanical properties in products of the asphalt-concrete and crushed stone plant in according to technical requirements in 2011. 

The laboratory carries out comprehensive analysis of more than 30 types of cement and concrete, testing and verification of aggregates and asphalt concrete, post-delivery service, or site inspection of raw materials delivered to customers' sites.

Types of test analysis:

Mineral powder in 

asphalt-concrete admixture

Soil (Material of dam and 


Test on bitumen



Determine composition of large and small aggregates

Analysis of customer needs