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Product manufacturing

Crusher Plant

In 2010, we commissioned a rock crushing plant to maintain the ecological balance and started producing crushed stone as a road and building aggregate.

This new type of aggregate protects the environment, introduces technological advances and uses natural resources wisely, as well as produces high-grade concrete and creates the conditions for the construction of modern low-rise buildings.

In order to bring services closer to customers, reduce transportation costs, and meet demand, a second high-capacity stone crushing plant with a capacity of 400 tons per hour is being commissioned at the nearest location in Ulaanbaatar.

Today, we supply 30% of the market and supply the desired fiber products in accordance with the requirements of quality and standards with a stable and low price policy.

In order to meet the current demand for river sand, we plan to introduce industrially processed sand to the market by introducing the technology of the world's leading countries.

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