The road construction unit is a team of 50 engineers and technicians who have successfully completed a 54 km paved road project at Erdenet-Bulgan-Unit. In 2010, we have been licensed to construct and repair the road and road facilities and since 2011 we have been implementing the road construction work continuously. During this time, we have commissioned more than 30 major road works, a total of 85,000 square meters of paved roads and more than 160 km of roads. Highlighted Projects:
• Asphalt concrete paving work of Ulaanbaatar- Darkhan road project - 12 km
• Construction of Roads, Heating network and associated infrastructure in Selbe Sub-Centre (Phaze-2) SRDH14
• Construction project of 20.km road from Gachuurt junction to Nalaikh-Choir junction (stake number: from 5+300 to 10+000)
• Maintenance work of 150-200 km road of TavanTolgoi-GashuunSukhait coal hauling heavy –duty road up to 239km
• Extention and Renovation work of 5km road from Dambadarjaa crossroad to Shadivlan new crossroad
• Paved road work project Khentii Province, Kherlen sum
• “Auto Trade complex” Package-1A 32000 m2 or 4.57 km parking area and 4.57 km asphaltconcrete paved road construction work
• Construction work of 5 km road from “MONOS” crossroad to Auto gate-22

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