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About us

Environmentally friendly national manufacturer

Tegsht Plant”LLC is a material manufacturer and project contractor in the mining, construction and road sectors, supplying products and services such as crushed stone, asphalt concrete, road construction and maintenance to customers and clients.

In addition to producing and supplying products and services in accordance with relevant national and international standards, we carry out quality control at all stages of production and post-supply to ensure quality and reliability.

In addition, the quality of products and services is guaranteed by an accredited laboratory, and the introduction of the international standard ISO 9001: 2016 of the Quality Management System has created opportunities to increase customer satisfaction, continuously monitor and improve the quality of operations.

We are a successful team that has been selected as the “Best Construction Materials Enterprise”, “Most Effective Investor in the Construction Materials Industry”, “Leading Taxpayer Organization” and “Top 50 Construction Materials Manufacturers”.

In the future, we are striving to improve the quality of construction materials through technological innovations, to introduce new standards in the Mongolian construction materials industry, and to become the best contractor in the road sector.

Our vision:
  • Become a leading and responsible group company in the industry
Our values:
  • Collaboration: Respect customers, respect the needs of stakeholders, and fulfill commitments.
  • Quality-oriented activities: Striving for quality that exceeds customer needs and constantly improving.
  • Team thinking: Being an innovator and innovator, building mutual trust and support for each other for the same goal;
  • Environmentally friendly: Everyday activities should be environmentally friendly.
  • Safety: Strict adherence to safety rules, fully provided with healthy and safe working conditions.

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Head of Production Department

Asphalt concrete plant
Stone crusher plant and

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D. Ulziisaikhan

Head of Marketing and Sales

Products can be ordered and quoted.

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Marketing and sales manager

Products can be ordered and quoted.
Feedback on the product is available.

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B. Mainbayar

Head of the Road Department

Phone: 8801-9329
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